> While considering changing and evolving customer expectations; for the success of our company and the satisfaction of our customers; to ensure the most efficient participation of our employees in the system in terms of professional behavior and responsibility,  identify risks and opportunities for an effective integrated management system and to improve the quality of the products,

> Believing that work and environmental accidents can be avoided, with the active participation of all employees; By detecting the risks that may cause "work accidents and occupational illnesses  and environmental accidents" in the workplace, to provide health, safety and social welfare for all employees in equality, customers, visitors, suppliers, subcontractors,  to aim for the least possible loss of any kind of matearilised and moral losses that may arise in the future of themselves and their families,

> To work in cooperation with the people and companies we work;  by taking the necessary precautions to protect natural resources, to minimize the amount of waste, to prevent pollution and to increase recycling  in the projects we are active in,

> Working as an integrated member of the Koç Group's; digital transformation strategies, personal data protection principles and bringing potential improvements to the system in terms of Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environment,

> In everywhere we are employed, to comply with the national and international laws, regulations, regulations and regulations and the requirements of the institutions that we are a members of, the quality and reliability of our services, protection of our environment; sustainable resource use, mitigation and adaptation of climate change, protection of biodiversity and ecosystems, health of our employees,

> Meeting the expectations of our customers, and  the expectations of the community affected by our activities, following  the industrial developments in the field of Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environment and to provide continuous technological developments that will contribute to our system,

> By providing training opportunities to all our employees and our subcontractors, to ensure their conscious participation in the system,

> To implement the system in accordance with the standards; ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001,  in line with the stated objectives and targets of Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and Quality Integrated Management System and to provide the continuity and development of system, whereas our work continues.





declared on 02.07.2019